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TURN Keeps customers connected!
Our telecom team fights for universal service, LifeLine low-income service and consumer protections against slamming, cramming and other rip-offs. We challenge the influence of phone giants AT&T and Verizon in Sacramento and in Washington D.C.
Telecom Consumer Tools

For some consumers, privacy is a choice- one they are willing to pay for, including paying extra for an unlisted…

TURN and our allies take the fight against forced copper-cutting to the FCC

Governor Signs New Consumer Protection Bill Supported by TURN. Have you or someone you know had your cell phone stolen…

Forced migration is unfair to customers

TURN Demands Halt To Verizon Cord-Cutting, Doesn't Want Customers Put At Risk

Emergency!  Verizon Cord Cutting Puts Customers at Risk!

TURN's Telecom Director Says Small Businesses And Rural Customers Need To Wake Up Before It's Too Late!

Changes won by TURN will promote universal phone service in California and dramatically improve on the current LifeLine low-income phone…

CPUC Refuses To Protect Your Privacy, Won't Rein In Phone Companies

Sadly, another case of the CPUC sitting on its hands
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